The Spin / Heliskiing’s King of the Kootenay’s – Vancouver Sun

We had 4 days of amazing filming at Snowwater Heliskiing with Peak Adventures TV Show and for our project Powder Guides. This place is unreal in terms of subject matter and visuals. For sure the Heliskiing (as always) is stunning, but the nightlife, the food the little village you stay in just had so many thing to create a rich final product.

SnowwaterHeli_KyleHamilton-HeliskiingCanada-6Here is Peak’s 3 Videos from that film trip to give you a taste of some of the skiing content, the other filmed content will come out in Fall with the release of the Powder Guides Episode/ Snowwater.

Photo: Kyle Hamilton

The Staff at Snowwater Heliskiing were exceptional. Having a guide that works with you in terms of terrain and ideas makes all the difference in the final product.

Photo: Kyle Hamilton

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