The New Surfing Fitness Imperative


Photography: Steven Dutcheshen /  _MG_7219   I got an opportunity to film and meet the new owner of what I am figuring is Surfing’s new Fitness Imperative. If your serious about training and surfing is in your arsenal of adrenaline sports then this is the place for you.

New Studio Revloution Fitness

Owned and operated by Mallory Faul Chapman a surfer herself inspired to blend training for something she loves with the discipline of yoga and cross fit. This is really the one stop for pow an surf hunters.

_MG_7123Its no joke, if you think doing any of the 3  discipline is challenging.. well try doing it on a unstable surfboard…

Check out their website for classes at: Studio Revolution

_MG_7190More mini Social Instgram edits and online edits soon!


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