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We had 4 days of amazing filming at Snowwater Heliskiing with Peak Adventures TV Show and for our project Powder Guides. This place is unreal in terms of subject matter and visuals. For sure the Heliskiing (as always) is stunning, but the nightlife, the food the little village you stay in just had so many thing to create a rich final product.

SnowwaterHeli_KyleHamilton-HeliskiingCanada-6Here is Peak’s 3 Videos from that film trip to give you a taste of some of the skiing content, the other filmed content will come out in Fall with the release of the Powder Guides Episode/ Snowwater.

Photo: Kyle Hamilton

The Staff at Snowwater Heliskiing were exceptional. Having a guide that works with you in terms of terrain and ideas makes all the difference in the final product.

Photo: Kyle Hamilton

We can drive 55 on the Powder Highway

Its so great to have a Social Media partner that really supports what you do. The Powder Highway are one of the most progressive and active Marketing Tourism Bureaus I know of.

When your pedal to the metal trying to work hard to get as much exposure as you can for your projects its so fantastic to get support for the Operators and the Photographers from groups like the Powder Highway. Laundromat Studios Kyle Hamilton & Steve Dutcheshen getting some accolades for their amazing shots and the word is getting out.

Thanks for the love, we will do our best not to txt n tweet while we drive.

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It’s becoming clear…

Filming in Australia 2009

As this site starts taking shape and start pulling together all the project work, and the people who I have met and worked with along the way, I have come to realize a few things…

The dream Laundromat Studios is already here. We have been quietly just doing our thing and focused on delivering and not really sharing our efforts. No marketing portfolio or campaigns about we can can do, and what we have done.

For me as a marketer its a bit of a unusual approach. I tend to start a strategic marketing approach right out of the gate.

But not with Laundromat Studios.

No fan fare, just started delivering content over the past several years, and just now, we launch a site and start marketing.

The reflection of all this effort is that we have hit the ground running, and already have an amazing team of talent to provide exceptional content.

I always have known this, but now its just clear to me that we are already launched, we just never really officially said so.

So there you have it. We are officially launched… 8 years ago.

Oh and  I want to retroactively suggest it was my plan all along.

Laundromat Studios-

Confessions of a hack filmer.

Yeah. I am not a trained and schooled filmer/editor or director. I am a hack.


Yep I said it, I am a fraud.  Over the past 4-5 years I have tirelessly gone online and fumbled my way though countless hours of Youtube videos learning “Snap edits” and how to export for a mobile device. Each day I learn something new and each day I get just a tiny bit better.

To be honest I am envious of those who knew what they wanted to do, and had the time/means to go get the education and tools to be the best you can in creating compelling video content.

I just got out there and started, and am still evolving and hoping to be at a level that can mask my lack of traditional schooling in filming.

With everything I have, with all my free time I can somehow eek out of a day, I try to learn something new. IF your like me (to a small degree) and are exploring and learning about filming and especially adventure outdoor documentary style filming than I will share with you, not just my insights. (at this point they come far and few) But my struggles and my little wins.

However I totally appreciate that when I celebrate finding a new tool, technology or technique its likely something some of you experts have learned long ago- My hope is that you can at least appreciate that I am being honest- perhaps enjoy my struggle as you have likely saved yourself all of this unnecessary grief of a learning curve.

So there you have it. I am a hack and proud of it.

But I love what I am doing and the process of getting there.

Hack today- your inspiration tomorrow – my happiness in the process throughout it all.

Thanks I needed to get that off my chest before I go edit.